Training Module 2 - When can people vote, absentee and in person?


Module 2: When can people vote, absentee and in person?

(NOTE: for more complete learning, take the time to click the links in the text below, and review the official websites)

In-Person Absentee Voting:

HB 574 creates the opportunity for registered voters to vote early, no excuse required, in person, with an ID, at one or more County Clerk designated locations on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the Tuesday Election Day.  This in-person voting is in a secure environment, and will actually reduce the need for mail-in absentee ballots.  Check with your County Clerk for plans in your county. (page 29)

Mail-in Absentee Voting:

A legal excuse (page 27-8) is required to obtain a mail-in absentee ballot voting:

  • Being out of town or being required to work out of the county on ALL hours of the 4 in-person absentee voting days
  • Temporary out of state residence (students and military, etc)
  • Medical/mental disability preventing in-person voting
  • There is no mass-mailing of paper ballots - all mail-in ballots must be requested by the voter or their authorized caregiver (page 26 & 29) at the Secretary of State  secure online portal, with ID, or by a signed paper application.
  • Signatures must be verified or "cured" by election officials prior to close of the polls on election day for the ballot to be counted.
  • "Ballot harvesting" (individuals collecting and dropping off multiple ballots for others) is now strictly prohibited, only authorized persons may handle a mail-in ballot, and drop it in one of the secure county drop box locations (page 12 & 36).

Action Steps:

  1. Become familiar with the official websites linked above and voting laws.  Administrative regulations will detail this process before 2022, and will be part of the official election worker training, so expect an update.
  2. Make sure you and your family members are properly registered - it is easy to update online.
  3. Check with your County Clerk for absentee voting plans for the 2022 election (they may not have answers until early next year)
  4. Contact your AFEIKY coordinator with any unusual findings, or any additional information that should be in this training.

End of Module.  Thanks for learning and being engaged!


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