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UNMASKED: Have We Discovered The Truth About The 2020 Election?

Rumble Video Detailing 2020 Election Fraud

Voter Fraud: Exposing Fraud & Closing Loopholes—Adrian Norman

YouTube Video by American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

A Georgia election server may have been hacked - and officials may have covered it up.

ARS Technica 

2020 SB 2 - AN ACT relating to voter identification and making an appropriation therefor.
Kentucky State Legislature 2020 SB 2 Contents
VIDEO: Machine Count Not Matching Hand Count - Racine Co WI
YouTube Video - Shugah Works
A Voting Machine Hacked in Less Than 2 Minutes DEFCON Video
Tim Canova's Plan to End Election Fraud
YouTube Video Interview
Complaints Against PA Board of Elections about XpressVote XL
Protect Our Vote Philly - Blog Post
ES&S ExpressVote Operators Guide

Election Systems and Software 

Election Fraud on a National Scale? - Blog post

Constitutional Voting Rights Ruling & Discussion

United States Dept. of Justice - Eastern TX Dist.

Listing of all Kentucky Voting Machines
What Is FIM (File Integrity Monitoring)? - Explanation of Key Monitoring File
Election Security Procedure Detail by Hart Intercivic
Hart Enterprises Website
SCYTL Website - Kentucky Scope of Work
Scytl Website (Foreign Owned SCYTL Processes KY Election data)
SCYTL Worker Training Guide
Scytl discusses workers interaction with data
IT Professional Addresses 2019 Election Irregularities
Interview with Aaron Gillum (AFEI Facebook Video)
Kentucky 2019 Election Coverage (14:00 mark)
Pat Grey Unleashed 11/13/19 - Blaze Radio
Researchers easily breached voting machines for the 2020 election
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